Dec 31, 2009

happy new years

holly cow! a decade gone! dang that was fast.

here's to a great 2010!

Nov 12, 2009

checking in

The last few weeks have been crazy busy and everyone in the house has had the flu. Little J even had a trip to the ER with super high fever and breathing issues. Everything is calming down now. Finally.

My workout universe has been very quiet. A couple runs, some yoga, a nap. Not quite the November I had hoped for. I may still do a half marathon in Jan, but I may just do a 10k. I have no motivation to do anything at the moment. If I can get a few consistent weeks of running in I may get going again.

I'll try to get out this weekend and do something fun. Might make a decent post :-)

Oct 12, 2009

October already

IMC has come and gone. Work has magically filled the hours I used to train with not so Ironman results. I've put a few pounds on, and a 3.5 mile run feels long. It's amazing how fast fitness goes. I did manage to get a week of camping in at Mt. Rainier with my daughters class. We took 24 4th graders on a few hikes totaling 20 miles, it was a lot of fun and a nice break from the day to day.

So it's time for another goal, but it has to be realistic as this is a very busy time of year for our family. Nookachamps Half Marathon is going to be my fall/winter motivator, with as much mtn biking and skiing as I can fit in.

More to come.

Sep 12, 2009

Reflecting and planning

2 weeks ago, I finished IMC. Now what?

I've embraced the post-Ironman recovery period and pretty much focused on catching up on the to-do lists at home and work. Today I went for a 5k run and felt good while I was out, but afterwards I was surprised at how fatigued I was. I guess I'll still be taking it easy for another week.

Shifting from 10 months of always training to suddenly not training has been interesting. I find myself wondering what run I have to do today, or thinking about pool schedules while I run errands. Training has become so hard wired into my daily thought processes that I have to force myself to focus on the downtime as much as would focus on a workout plan. To get an idea of just how much training I did, I pulled up my log from November to race day - here it is:

Bike - Commuter

132 miles


11.14 mph avg

Bike - Mountain



8.94 mph avg

Bike - Road

1265.9 Miles


15.17 mph avg

Bike - Trainer

720.04 Miles


15.03 mph avg


818.63 Miles


8:47 per mile avg


99400 Yards


2:22 per 100 yds avg

Total Time

311 Hours, 46 Mins

Some folks worked out more than that, some less. I'm pretty sure I won't see workout volumes that high until again until the kids are out of the house. My next Ironman will likely be in 2020 :-)

What's next? I've thought about this quite a bit. The Seattle marathon comes to mind, but it falls on a bad week. My next long race will likely be Nookachamps, that way I have a reason to train through the winter. Cyclocross looks like fun, so do winter tri's and Biathlon. The only thing I know at the moment is I don't want to ride my road bike, and the dirt is calling me. There's a great off road duathlon in Bellingham in a few weeks, maybe I'll do that. I don't have a real plan yet, but it will come along.

Sep 6, 2009

Race report: Ironman Canada 2009

This is fairly long, and there are a lot of things I'm not getting in here. There are so many things and feelings you experience during an Ironman that a race report is really to short to capture it all. Things that happen during the week also make the race special - the people of Penticton, the beauty of the area, the expo, etc. My race report is very high level to keep it short, otherwise I could write a post a day for a month and still miss something.


4:00 AM – Awake and ready to get going.
4:30 AM – Everyone is loaded up and we’re off to the race start.

5:10 AM – I head to body marking, meet some great folks including a gal who just turned 50 and was doing her first IM. Very inspiring.

5:20 AM – Put 2 bottles of Gatorade and salt tabs on the bike, check air, double check air, triple check air, decide 110 PSI is good.

5:35 AM – Run into a friend, hang out in long port-o line.

6:10 AM – Put on the wetsuit. Chat with some more folks, cram warm clothes into the “dry clothes” bag, stretch a bit and wait.

6:30 AM – go across the swim mat to activate the chip and “sign in” for the race start. Head onto the beach!

6:40 AM or so – Singing of Oh Canada! I was surprised how emotional it was, many spectators and athletes joined it, truly an amazing thing to be part of.

6:45 AM – Pro Start. It was very cool to watch the Pro’s from the water. I could pick out Rapp and Granger from where I was standing.

7:00 am – Spectators and athletes countdown from 5 and off we went! Boat horns, cheers, and music send us off.

The Swim

I was surprisingly calm and relaxed just before the swim started. Usually, the swim freaks me out a bit and I figured the mass swim start (2600 +) would have me on edge. I spent a fair amount of time over the last year visualizing a calm and relaxed approach to the swim and that strategy worked for me.

The start of the swim is shallow, so you have to wade out a good 25 meters or so to find deep enough water to swim in. Once out in the deeper water, I found a bit of space and followed a couple swimmers in front of me for 50 meters or so before we converged on a group of 20 other swimmers. We all bounced off each other a bit, tried not to kick each other in the face, and managed to spread out. The sound of all the swimmers in the water at once was wild, a constant churning of water. At 600 meters, I finally found enough room to get into a rhythm and motored on through the first series of buoys to the sailboat that marked the first turn at 1618 meters. I managed to get there with very little contact or disruption, although I found myself on the inside of the first turn and swimming with the sailboat/buoy a few feet to my right and 50 swimmers on my left. I found a gap and pushed through, then noticed the divers in water below me. It was a bit of a shock, but fun to see. They were waving at us, so I took a second to give thumbs up and continued on to the houseboat that marked the second turn.

The second leg was 450 meters and went very quickly. I kept my pace and took a wider path on the second turn to avoid getting jammed up. The last leg of the swim is 1800 meters, and you can see downtown Penticton from the turn. It’s a great sight that makes the last leg seem shorter than it really is. About 1000 meters into the last leg, I started to search out the last few buoys to get an idea of where the finish was. I passed buoy 16, could see 17 and 18 and figured I was getting close. Big mistake. Buoy 17 suddenly had 18 and 19 after it. At 19, it looked like 20 was it. Nope! A few more to go, but I could see the flags on the beach so that was my new mark. At this point I was 3.3K into the swim, and was having a relatively easy go at it. I felt great, I was calm, the water was amazing, and I had generally survived the Ironman washing machine unscathed.

I’m motoring along at 3.4K, when both of my calf muscles suddenly and painfully cramp. At this point in the swim a lot of swimmers started to tire and were no longer swimming straight. In fact, the last 300 – 400 meters of the swim was worse that the start. Swimmers were now crossing in front of me, or hitting my feet and pushing on my back. It was a bit chaotic, and I had to deal with 2 cramps. I flipped onto my back and punched my calves a few times, then tried to rub them out a bit all while being swam over. It was pretty wild, and after what seemed like an eternity my muscles relaxed and I promptly flipped over and made it to T1, with a smile on my face. I had survived the 3.8K (2.4M) swim!


After exiting the water I made my way to the wet suit strippers. In seconds, my wetsuit was off (way faster than I ever could myself) and I was running to grab my bag. In a moment of brain fade, I grabbed the wrong bag which I didn’t notice until I was in the changing tent. After running the bag back and grabbing mine, I quickly changed, was slathered in sunscreen by volunteers, and was on my bike.

The Bike

I started the bike with two goals – stick to my nutrition plan and save energy for the marathon. The first 40k were smooth, fun and uneventful. Exactly what I hoped for. My calf muscles had settled down, and I was doing well through Okanagan Falls, Oliver and Osoyoos. At the base of Richter Pass I sat up and went to a lower gear to keep my heart rate down. I love hills, and easily rode the 11k up Richter at 75 percent effort enjoying the view and the people cheering along the way. On the way down Richter Pass I somehow lost a bar end plug and had a water bottle cage come loose. I stopped twice to deal with the issues and both times the bike support folks seemed to appear out of thin air, eager to assist and get me on my way. Even with their help, I ended up adding a chunk of time to my overall bike.

After Richter Pass, the course heads up to Keremeos where an out back with seemingly endless rollers awaits. This was the most challenging part of the course for me. The road was rough, the air was stagnant and hot and there wasn’t much to look at. At the turnaround of the out and back at 120k I realized I underutilized my special needs bag by only stuffing a bike tube in it. Folks had stuffed ham sandwiches, chips, fruit and other tasty treats in theirs. This is something to note if you ever do IM Canada, I know I will if I do it again.

By the time I finished the out and back and was heading toward Yellow Lake, my legs were beginning to fade. I was also having issues drinking Gatorade so I had to shift my plan to water, gel and bananas. I had driven the route to Yellow Lake and was familiar with the climb, so I knew what was coming. To my surprise, I found my legs as soon as I started up the hill toward Twin Lakes. I was stoked to see the lakes, and even happier to see the 100 mile marker that was followed by a blistering decent back down to Hwy 97.

I rolled the last few miles into Penticton, saw my family right before transition (sweet!) and handed my bike off to the amazing volunteers into T2.


This time I was much more relaxed in transition. I took a moment to chat with a volunteer who was going to sign up to race in 2010, made sure I had everything and went for another layer of sunscreen.
My legs felt really good, and I was mentally ready for the run.

The Run

I had 2 opportunities to see my family at the start of the run, and it really gave me a boost. I found a comfortable rhythm pretty quickly, and the first 5 miles went really well. Shortly after 5 miles, I started to have some stomach issues, and couldn’t get anything down. I wasn’t throwing up or anything, I felt like I had a brick in my stomach.

I managed to run aid station to aid station, but by 8 miles I was in trouble. I had a hard time walking, and I had a back spasm. After a port-o stop, I shuffled along to the 9 mile aid station and grabbed a couple bags of ice. Using my heart rate monitor strap as a belt, I managed to hold the ice bags on my back as I walked to the halfway point (13.1 miles). While I was walking I continued to sip NUUN and flat cola, and it seemed to do the trick. After the turn around, I ran a mile and walked a mile up through mile 21. The miles I walked I sipped cola, and it continued to provide the energy I needed. I was surprised of all the food that was available, that was all I could really stomach. Fruit, gels, Gatorade, chicken broth and pretzels were not welcome. I’ve never used flat cola in training, so it was a little weird to drink and not feel like I was going to regret it later.

At mile 21 I decided I was simply going to run the rest of the way, no stops for food, no stops for water, no stops for anything but the finish line. I was aware of my overall time, and knew if I pushed a bit I could finish under 15 hours which was my only time goal.

Miles 22 – 24 were on the way into town, and there were a lot of people cheering all the athletes in. It was amazing and very motivational. As I crossed mile 25 I knew I had this thing in the bag and started to look for my family, who I saw near the finish line. The last 400 meters were amazing, folks were cheering, kids were high-fiving and I ran across the finish with more energy than I had all day.

14 hours and 52 minutes after the start of the swim, I became an Ironman.

Here's the breakdown:
Swim 1:26:00
T1 8:04
Bike 7:12:12
T2 6:48
Run 5:58:56

It's been a week since IM, and I'm still a bit fatigued. I still don't know what I'll do next, and I hear that's pretty normal. It's a hard year of training, and it concludes on one epic day that's pretty hard to beat.

Maybe I'll go run a 5k, maybe I'll toy with Ultraman.

Aug 22, 2009

My Ironman Canada race plan

This is more or less a living post. One I'll likely change a few times as I get my thoughts together.

Race plan:

Swim - off the back, find a rhythm, survive :-) Goal time 1:20. I'm not a fast swimmer.

Bike - 75 to 80 percent effort throughout. I like to hammer the bike, so I'll need to set my HR monitor to alert so I don't over do it. Goal time 6:30 - 7:00. I may be faster, but only if I'm able to pick up speed on the flats or downhills without pushing my HR.

Run - Easy out. I'm confident the first 6 or 8 miles will feel OK. The first half should be alright. The last half is the great unknown. All I know is I've suffered through a marathon before and managed a 4:11. Goal time is 5:00.

Overall strategy - keep the pace real, keep the nutrition on track, finish with a smile under 15 hours. I think a window of 13:30 to 15:00 is where I'll end up, I'd love to hit 13:30, but I'll take 16:59.

Nutrition plan:

Pre race - oatmeal and 1 bottle nuun breakfast 2 hours before race. 1 hour before 1 bottle of Gatorade. 15 minutes before race, 1 gel.

Swim - I'll bring a gel, just in case.

Bike - 1 bottle Gatorade immediately. Alternating nuun with gel/powerbar/banana and gatorade every 20 mins. First 2 hours I'll try to get an extra gel in to load up in case the last 2 hours on the bike are hard on the stomach.

Run - 1 bottle nuun, 1 bottle gatorade per hour. gatorade at 00 and :20, shotblocks/gel on the :40. sips of Nuun every :10

7 days to IMC

Not a lot of activity this week. Today I did a nice ride around the south end of Lake Washington, felt great.

Road ride - 2:25:40 36.36 miles.

Aug 18, 2009

11 days to IMC

Easy run today. Loving the taper week!

5 miles - 43:41. Felt like a warm up. I guess that's the idea. I'm still icing tonight thought. The knee is a little stiff.

Aug 17, 2009

IMC training week 34

Week 34 is done! Taper time! Woot!

Rather than list the workouts I'm just dropping time: 10 hours. Shorter than planned, but the knee necessitated it. I feel good, knee is probably 90 percent now.

Only a few things left to focus on:

How am I going to remember my fueling strategy 7 hours in?
Sleep - I need more of it the next 2 weeks.
How am I going to contain my excitement while I'm in Penticton and not have a heart attack? ;-)

I'll be OK. I think.

Aug 14, 2009

16 days to IMC

Another good run, a bit slower than yesterday. The knee is feeling good. After-hours work killed my pool time. OWS planned for Friday.

Run - 1:06:47 7.5 miles

Aug 13, 2009

17 days to IMC

Decent run today, but not a ride. After the run my knee reminded me it's present state is not optimal, so I iced.

Run - 8mi - 1:07:47

More tomorrow.

Aug 11, 2009

18 days to IMC

Sweet morning workout in the pool.

2100 yards, 45:37 2:10 100s. Not so bad. More importantly I felt great.

No ride tonight, too much going on with work and family. Will pick it up later this week.

Imc training week 33

Not a great week. Knee was an issue so I chose rest over work. Seem to have paid off, knee is feeling good.

Bike - Trainer 0 mi 1:00:00
Run 17.1 mi 2:32:27
Swim 3400 yd 1:21:46
Total Time 4 hrs 54min

3 weeks to go!

Aug 5, 2009

31 days to IMC

This is the penultimate week to taper. Crazy. Last Sunday during my long run I jammed my knee. It's a little sore, feels like I have tendinitis again. I'll have to lower the intensity a bit this week and ice like mad and hope I can bring the knee back to health.

The week so far:
Monday - Off
Tuesday - 1900yds pool 44:30, Bike trainer 1:00:00
Weds - 5.6 mile run 46:27

I decided to push the trainer to tomorrow or Friday. Have a good hour to run tomorrow and wanted to rest/ice tonight.

24 days.. I'm ready to do this.

Aug 3, 2009

IMC training week 32

Not a good week by the numbers, but a good week for what I was able to get in with a chaotic week. Busy at work, busy at home, and the hottest week EVER in Seattle.

Bike - Mtn 10 mi 1:45:00
Bike - Road 54 mi 3:15:00
Run 18.5 mi 2:50:52
Swim 2000 yd 0:44:31
Total Time 8 hrs 35min

4 weeks left. It's nearly go time.

Jul 29, 2009

31 days to IMC

Super hot day. Managed to get a run in, no bike though, too hot. 90 when I started my run, 97 when I finished. Ended up being the hottest day ever in Seattle. Crazy.

SLOW run in the heat. Only saw 2 other runners, I usually see 40 or so. Hydrated well in the morning, drank on the run.

Run - 7.5 mi 1:09:52

Jul 28, 2009

32 days to IMC

Today was interesting, I was pretty stiff and tired. The heat here in Seattle made sleeping a little less than comfortable, and I had was out the door at 5:30 to get some family members off to the airport.

After a few cups of joe and advil, I was doing better. Focused on water and stretching throughout the day, and hit the pool tonight. The pool was insane, folks standing in the lanes, others swimming across, 12 year old lifeguards too busy chatting to do anything about it. Love it, good practice for tri's. You never know what's going to happen in a race, so why should the pool be any different :-)

Today's workout:

Pool - 44:31 2000yds.

It's a taper week! That's it for today.

Jul 27, 2009

IMC training week 31

A great week. Cut a few workouts short after last week to make sure my back was ok. I feel strong, and my confidence is building.

Here's the week:

Bike - Road 113.5 mi 7:10:21
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 2:11:20
Run 35.32 mi 5:18:04
Swim 4700 yd 1:44:50
Total Time 16 hrs 24min

Jul 24, 2009

37 days to IMC

Another long day after a long day. I hit both workouts, but the run was a slog. However, slog = done. Friday is a light day, looking forward to it.

Swim - pool 54:56 2500yd
Run - 54.34 6.19mi

Jul 23, 2009

38 days to IMC

A hard day. Lots of things pulling for my time. Family, work, IM. I managed to get it all in with minor collateral damage, but the long hours of working out are definitely starting to impact all areas of my life. Add in that my back is still sore, and I may be looking at even more time for some massage/doctor/whatever.

Run 1:20:38 9.13 mi
Bike - Road 2:02:20 36.26 mi

Jul 21, 2009

39 days to IMC

I'm going to start a daily log for the last 6 weeks. I think it'll help me stay motivated and give some depth to the training log. I figure I'll forget a lot of this and if I ever decide to train for another Ironman I'll have more reasons to, or not.


Swim - Pool 33:20 1450 yd
Bike - Trainer 1:11:30 0 mi

A little short on both. A lot short on time today. Short 10 mins on the swim, 15 on the bike. Easy to make up, but likely won't after last weeks missed days. Don't need to increase too much this week.

I felt great. No back issues, no heat issues and good form in the pool. Tomorrow will be another time challenged day. Goal is to be on the trainer at 5am.

IMC training week 30

30 weeks. It's been a long time since I started this journey. Last week I hit a few walls.

1st, a back spasm on Thursdays tempo run. Almost passed out waiting for the bus. Made it home and threw down some Advil and sat on a heating pad for a while. Felt better by bed time, but missed a long swim and lost a bit of confidence. Took Friday off to make sure I didn't make it worse. Sunday I felt like crap, took another day off. I'm supposed to listen to my body, right?

2nd, a friend was hit by a van while riding his bike. In the ICU, still out but improving. This really took my motivation to ride.

So, here's the week. Supposed to be 18 hours, not even close.

Bike - Road 93.3 mi 6:30:00
Run - 19.5 mi 2:45:30
Swim - 2100 yd 0:44:36
Total Time 10 hrs 0min

Jul 12, 2009

IMC training week 29

7 weeks to go! Crazy. I can't believe how fast these last few weeks have gone. This was another big week even though I missed a few swims. I've been in the open water a lot in the last 3 weeks, so I'm still confident I can finish the swim before noon :-)

A few things I've learned:

- Swim times are going down with improvement in my technique. Very good sign!

- I generally hammer on the bike, not good for an IM if I want to finish the marathon. 2 very long hilly rides over the last 2 weeks averaging 16mph have left me with strong legs for great feeling bricks. Slow = surviving.

- I like to run. This is new. Generally it's a means to an end. 17 miles today in wind and rain and I loved every minute.

- Nutrition is coming along. I've figured out what works. Now I have to figure out how I'll remember 6 hours into a bike with a frazzled mind.

Here's the breakdown of the week:

Bike - Road 118 mi 8:00:00
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 0:47:29
Run - 38.2 mi 5:43:14
Swim - 4550 yd 1:48:40
Total Time 16 hrs 19min

Feeling stronger every week!

Jul 8, 2009

imc training week 28

A good week. Missed a swim due to holiday pool closures, opted out of one workout due to fatigue. A solid week. The long brick on Sat felt AWESOME, the long run on Sun was tiring.

Bike - Road 122.1 mi 8:06:00
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 1:05:00
Run - 35 mi 5:11:31
Swim - 3150 yd 1:20:00
Total Time 15 hrs 42min

Next week is 18.5 hours. No excuses with closures, should get close to hitting all my workouts.

Jun 28, 2009

IMC training week 27

OK - Nine weeks left. Only missed a swim this week, and it's a taper week. I feel good, and am looking at 17 hours next week :-)

The breakdown:

Bike - Road 91 mi 6:25:00
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 0:30:00
Run - 22.2 mi 3:09:34
Swim - 1950 yd 0:48:49
Total Time 10 hrs 53min

IMC training week 26

Another busy week, got a few great rides in while in Winthrop, WA. I did what I could and moved on.

Bike - Road 57 mi 3:30:00
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 1:25:00
Run - 26.4 mi 3:55:36
Swim - 6300 yd 2:37:41
Total Time 11 hrs 28min

Jun 14, 2009

IMC training week 25

Only 11 weeks to IMC. I'm officially starting to get a little nervous. After last weeks short week due to being away with my daughter at camp (WELL worth it), this week was not much better. My other daughter had her camp, and my wife went with, so I was solo with the little guy. I can't believe how busy a 1.5 yo is. I really can't believe I forgot what it was like with our daughters.. how do you forget this stuff? Anyway - it was nuts, I didn't get many workouts done.

Things I did learn this weekend during the long workouts:

Nutrition during the week is staring to matter. I'm really going to have to watch it.
I've finally hit that point of "new" sensations. Not hitting the wall, but being depleted and having to fuel x2 to recover. I know I can throw down a PowerBar, a Gu, and a bunch of Nuun/Gatoraide 11 miles into a run and not puke.

The tally:

Bike - Road 62 mi 4:00:00
Run 26.7 mi 4:02:21
Total Time 8 hrs 2min

Next week will rock.

Jun 11, 2009

IMC Training week 24

Was away at camp with #2. Soft week..

Run 26.5 mi 3:38:56
Swim 3100 yd 1:08:00
Total Time 4 hrs 46min

May 31, 2009

IMC training week 23

Wow, 23 weeks down. Feels like less time has passed and somehow feels like more at the same time. This week was tough. After doing the 24 hour MTB, I was surprisingly tired most of the week. I missed 2 swims, but hit everything else. This weekend was a good test as I was tired and it was hot; 2 challenges I'll likely deal with at IMC. I made it through, and really feel like I can count on having more to give when I think I'm done.

Here's the week:

Bike - Road 79 mi 5:15:00
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 0:45:00
Run - 29.8 mi 4:18:47
Swim - 2600 yd 1:01:09
Total Time 11 hrs 19min

May 25, 2009

IMC training week 22

A good solid week of running and riding, with a good swim. Overall hours helped by a 24 hour MTB race I'll post on later.

The breakdown:

Bike - Commuter 13.5 mi 1:00:00
Bike - Mtn 75 mi 6:28:00
Run - 26.5 mi 3:48:29
Swim - 2000 yd 0:44:53
Total Time 12 hrs 1min

May 19, 2009

IMC training Week 21

Another decent week, missed a swim and a ride. I feel great on the run, which is reassuring as I've had running related injuries in the past. The 24 hour MTB race is coming up, so this week I'm going nuts trying to fit in training, life, and race prep. I'm stoked for it though!

Here's the week:

Bike - Commuter 13 mi 1:00:00
Bike - Mtn 4 mi 0:40:00
Bike - Road 40 mi 2:30:00
Run - 28.5 mi 4:13:17
Swim - 4100 yd 1:44:28
Total Time 10 hrs 7min

May 11, 2009

IMC training week 20

16 weeks to go. Crazy how fast this has gone.
Week 20 was tough. Lots of things going on at home and work, still managed over 10 hours and had a great weekend brick.

Here's the breakdown:

Bike - Commuter 13.5 mi 1:00:00
Bike - Road 69.33 mi 4:07:30
Run - 30.43 mi 4:24:26
Swim - 2200 yd 0:56:27
Total Time 10 hrs 28min

May 5, 2009

IMC training week 19

Another solid week, with not so solid weekend. Sick kid, no sleep, no energy, no long run. Took Monday off this week, longish run and a good swim or bike tonight to get the week started. It's a good thing last week was a taper week.

Week 19 totals:

Bike - Commuter 26.5 mi 2:00:00
Bike - Road 18.41 mi 1:20:56
Run - 13.5 mi 1:59:47
Swim - 5000 yd 2:01:03
Total Time 7 hrs 21min

Apr 27, 2009

Monday, Monday

For the last few weeks, Monday has been a crappy workout day. After a long weekend of workouts and family activities, Monday is a drag. Today, I broke the cycle. I hit the pool and it felt great! It was a slow workout (as planned) so I took it easy and really enjoyed being in the water.

In a couple weeks Monday will become my day off.. finally.

Apr 26, 2009

imc training week 18

Wow. Week 18 already. This is the halfway point! I feel good. In fact, a 10 hour week feels normal, so I guess it's time to turn up the intensity. I've learned a lot in the last month. I'll have to put in a post, too much in my head now to throw it down.

Here's the week:

Bike - Commuter 13 mi 1:00:00
Bike - Road 37.18 mi 2:18:23
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 2:05:00
Run 25.41 mi 3:39:55
Swim 3400 yd 1:30:14
Total Time 10 hrs 33min

A good week.

Apr 19, 2009

IMC Training week 17

Felt MUCH better this week. Had a great weekend for workouts, perfect weather. I missed a couple pool workouts which was a bummer, but I think next week the schedule will support a bit more activity.

The data:

Bike - Commuter 20 mi 1:35:00
Bike - Road 65.75 mi 4:22:02
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 1:05:00
Run 28.75 mi 4:19:16
Swim 1250 yd 0:30:00

Total Time 11 hrs 51min

Apr 18, 2009

Zoot Energy's Blew

After 2.5 weeks and a couple longer runs, the Zoot Energy's fell apart at the bottom eyelets. Different sides on both shoes, so I know it's not a fluke. It's too bad, they were comfy. So I took them back and picked up a pair of Brooks Defyance 2's.

I hope they last a little longer - like the 450 miles I got out of 4 pairs of Brooks Radius that they no longer make. These are close, so I'm optimistic.

Apr 12, 2009

IMC Training week 15 & 16

Week 15

Flu. Felt like death. Didn't do much after Monday and Tuesday's workouts. Worst week of training ever.

Here's the week:

Run 5.7 mi 0:46:08
Swim 1250 yd 0:29:28
Total Time 1 hrs 15min

Week 16

Felt much better, still fatigued though. I managed to do a bit better. The good news is the weekend felt great, and I'm ready to tear into next week.


Bike - Commuter 6.5 mi 0:30:00
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 1:55:00
Run 25.74 mi 3:49:39
Total Time 6 hrs 14min

Mar 31, 2009

Fresh new running shoes

Picked up a pair of Zoot Energy running shoes. First run today (6
miler) felt great - like running in slippers.

Mar 30, 2009

IMC Training week 14

This was a great week! I hit all but 2 lighter workouts, and the higher intensity workouts felt better than any week before. Maybe the last 2 weeks of lower volume actually had some benefit.

Here's the week:

Bike - Trainer 4:00:00
Run - 21.86 mi 3:20:21
Swim - 4100 yd 1:34:17
Total Time 8:54:38

On to week 15.

Mar 22, 2009

IMC Training week 13

13 of 36 done! This was another week of being sick, so the week ended short. I think I may have missed an hour I actually did in my log, but I don't really remember (my brain was toast). So I'm only logging what I know.

Worst week ever:

Run 17.36 mi 2:35:28
Swim 2350 yd 0:58:30
Total Time 3 hrs 33min

The good news is I'm feeling better, and should be on track for week 14.


Mar 21, 2009

IMC Training week 12

Week 12. I'm writing this near the end of week 13 and I am finally getting over the cold that set week 12 off on the wrong foot. I am trying to stay positive, but missing 5 hours is a bummer (still better than zero). So, with week 13 looking about the same, I'm hoping the cold is gone (and the fatigue, aches and snot) so I can get back on track.

Bike - Trainer 0mi 2:25:00
Run - 12.81 mi 1:54:36
Swim - 2700 yd 1:02:21
Total Time - 5 hrs 21min (ugh)

Mar 9, 2009

IMC Training week 11

Last week was tough. Between work, family and training, it was training that took the hit. I was on track for 13 hours, but ended with 10 (barely). I stuck the long weekend workouts - and they felt great - which is a good confidence boost. The coming weeks look manageable, but we have a lot of family activities and general catching up to do so I'll need to focus on early a.m. workouts.

Here's the weekly breakdown:

Bike - Road 18.1 mi 1:21:57
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 3:30:00
Run - 28.8 mi 4:22:37
Swim - 1850 yd 0:44:07
Total Time 9:58

Mar 1, 2009

IMC Training weeks 9 & 10

Wow, I can't believe week 10 is done. Things went well for 9, not so well for 10. I need to hit the pool in the early a.m. if I expect to make this work for another 26 weeks.

Week 9:
Bike - Road 46.25 mi 3:07:19
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 2:10:00
Run - 20.4 mi 3:06:32
Swim - 5200 yd 2:02:53
Total Time 10 hrs 26min

Week 9 finished off with Chilly Hilly. The ride was great! Very little rain, but cold.

Week 10:
Bike - Road 30 mi 2:04:21
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 1:40:00
Run - 18.76 mi 2:49:00
Total Time 6 hrs 33min

This week blew. I had a no time - and when I thought I did have time, it was hijacked. Next week should be better.

Feb 15, 2009

IMC Training Weeks 7 & 8

Week 7 went well. Felt good throughout, even got in a short ride in the dirt.

Bike - Mtn 6.16 mi 1:19:00
Bike - Trainer 2:41:37
Run 16.82 mi 2:34:03
Swim 4600 yd 1:44:56
Total Time 8 hrs 19min

Week 8 no so well.

Missed most swims, missed a bike, and a run. Way too busy, sick wife & kids. Next week will better.


Bike - Trainer 2:00:00
Run 16.58 mi 2:30:07
Swim 1300 yd 0:30:53
Total Time 5 hrs 1min

Feb 1, 2009

IMC training week 6

Bike - Trainer 1:55:00
Run 14.84 mi 2:10:58
Swim 2650 yd 0:59:46
Total Time 5 hrs 5min

This week was nuts. Sick kids, sick me, sick wife, loads of activities. I still managed to hit all the long workouts, so I'm too worried. I'll really have to focus this week to fit everything in.

Only 30 weeks to IMC.. less actually.

Jan 26, 2009

IMC training week 5

Bike - Trainer 0 mi 5:20:00
Run 18.91 mi 2:42:03
Swim 3200 yd 1:19:12
Total 9 hours 21 minutes

Missed one (long) swim, hit everything else and feeling good. This week is a bit shorter so I should get that long swim in finally.

Jan 18, 2009

IMC training week 4

Bike - Road 6.6 mi 0:30:00
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 3:55:00
Run 17.81 mi 2:31:30
Swim 3650 yd 1:26:33
Total Time 8 hrs 23min

Not a bad week! I missed a long swim on purpose due to fatigue, but I hit everything else. I'm feeling great (tired, but great) and learned a lot this week. First - drinking 3 beers the night before a 10k after not drinking a lot of beer in the last month = bad times. I ran Nookachamps as a training run and got to work through some GI discomfort along the way. Second - morning is a better time to workout for me than evening, and allows quite a bit of time to recover/rest than working out at night and again in the a.m. I should know this, but this week proved it to me.

Next week is a big week - 10.5 hours. I need to work on getting more sleep...

Jan 12, 2009

IMC training week 3

Bike - Trainer 0 mi 3:00:00
Run 12.17 mi 1:46:59
Swim 4400 yd 1:49:52

Bah - missed a ride and had to cut a swim short, otherwise not too bad. Training in heart rate zones is killing my run times, as I have to go insanely slow to keep in range. I know this is only temporary, but it's annoying.

Week 4 starts today! More to come...

Jan 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

The off-season is over. It's a new year. No more conditioning plans, no more "extra" days off. My IMC plan is now in week 2, and so far things are going well. Due to the holidays and the snow we had in Seattle, I had to do a bit of cross-training in the snow which was fun (xc ski & snowshoe).

I'll try to post more often (part of a resolution) in the coming weeks and months. Have great New Year!