Jun 28, 2009

IMC training week 27

OK - Nine weeks left. Only missed a swim this week, and it's a taper week. I feel good, and am looking at 17 hours next week :-)

The breakdown:

Bike - Road 91 mi 6:25:00
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 0:30:00
Run - 22.2 mi 3:09:34
Swim - 1950 yd 0:48:49
Total Time 10 hrs 53min

IMC training week 26

Another busy week, got a few great rides in while in Winthrop, WA. I did what I could and moved on.

Bike - Road 57 mi 3:30:00
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 1:25:00
Run - 26.4 mi 3:55:36
Swim - 6300 yd 2:37:41
Total Time 11 hrs 28min

Jun 14, 2009

IMC training week 25

Only 11 weeks to IMC. I'm officially starting to get a little nervous. After last weeks short week due to being away with my daughter at camp (WELL worth it), this week was not much better. My other daughter had her camp, and my wife went with, so I was solo with the little guy. I can't believe how busy a 1.5 yo is. I really can't believe I forgot what it was like with our daughters.. how do you forget this stuff? Anyway - it was nuts, I didn't get many workouts done.

Things I did learn this weekend during the long workouts:

Nutrition during the week is staring to matter. I'm really going to have to watch it.
I've finally hit that point of "new" sensations. Not hitting the wall, but being depleted and having to fuel x2 to recover. I know I can throw down a PowerBar, a Gu, and a bunch of Nuun/Gatoraide 11 miles into a run and not puke.

The tally:

Bike - Road 62 mi 4:00:00
Run 26.7 mi 4:02:21
Total Time 8 hrs 2min

Next week will rock.

Jun 11, 2009

IMC Training week 24

Was away at camp with #2. Soft week..

Run 26.5 mi 3:38:56
Swim 3100 yd 1:08:00
Total Time 4 hrs 46min