Mar 31, 2009

Fresh new running shoes

Picked up a pair of Zoot Energy running shoes. First run today (6
miler) felt great - like running in slippers.

Mar 30, 2009

IMC Training week 14

This was a great week! I hit all but 2 lighter workouts, and the higher intensity workouts felt better than any week before. Maybe the last 2 weeks of lower volume actually had some benefit.

Here's the week:

Bike - Trainer 4:00:00
Run - 21.86 mi 3:20:21
Swim - 4100 yd 1:34:17
Total Time 8:54:38

On to week 15.

Mar 22, 2009

IMC Training week 13

13 of 36 done! This was another week of being sick, so the week ended short. I think I may have missed an hour I actually did in my log, but I don't really remember (my brain was toast). So I'm only logging what I know.

Worst week ever:

Run 17.36 mi 2:35:28
Swim 2350 yd 0:58:30
Total Time 3 hrs 33min

The good news is I'm feeling better, and should be on track for week 14.


Mar 21, 2009

IMC Training week 12

Week 12. I'm writing this near the end of week 13 and I am finally getting over the cold that set week 12 off on the wrong foot. I am trying to stay positive, but missing 5 hours is a bummer (still better than zero). So, with week 13 looking about the same, I'm hoping the cold is gone (and the fatigue, aches and snot) so I can get back on track.

Bike - Trainer 0mi 2:25:00
Run - 12.81 mi 1:54:36
Swim - 2700 yd 1:02:21
Total Time - 5 hrs 21min (ugh)

Mar 9, 2009

IMC Training week 11

Last week was tough. Between work, family and training, it was training that took the hit. I was on track for 13 hours, but ended with 10 (barely). I stuck the long weekend workouts - and they felt great - which is a good confidence boost. The coming weeks look manageable, but we have a lot of family activities and general catching up to do so I'll need to focus on early a.m. workouts.

Here's the weekly breakdown:

Bike - Road 18.1 mi 1:21:57
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 3:30:00
Run - 28.8 mi 4:22:37
Swim - 1850 yd 0:44:07
Total Time 9:58

Mar 1, 2009

IMC Training weeks 9 & 10

Wow, I can't believe week 10 is done. Things went well for 9, not so well for 10. I need to hit the pool in the early a.m. if I expect to make this work for another 26 weeks.

Week 9:
Bike - Road 46.25 mi 3:07:19
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 2:10:00
Run - 20.4 mi 3:06:32
Swim - 5200 yd 2:02:53
Total Time 10 hrs 26min

Week 9 finished off with Chilly Hilly. The ride was great! Very little rain, but cold.

Week 10:
Bike - Road 30 mi 2:04:21
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 1:40:00
Run - 18.76 mi 2:49:00
Total Time 6 hrs 33min

This week blew. I had a no time - and when I thought I did have time, it was hijacked. Next week should be better.