Mar 28, 2010

10 miler today

A great run, here's the map!

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Mar 24, 2010

First weekend of Spring

We welcomed spring by loading up the weekend with a bit of fun - the Alki Street Scramble on Saturday and the Mercer Island Half Marathon on Sunday. Street Scramble's are a blast and very family friendly. It's a great way to get outside and play while learning a bit about navigation and the neighborhood the event is held in. We managed to grab 4th in our division without going all out, and the weather was amazing.

After the scramble Jack and Mace came with me to Mertyl Edwards / Olympic Sculpture Park to play while Syd and Kenaia saw and met Jodi Picoult at the Central Library. The girls were pretty excited about meeting the author and managed autographs and cell phone pics like any good fan.

Sunday morning was spent on Mercer Island for the Half Marathon. I didn't train like I wanted to and I've been fighting a cold for the last week or so but I went for it anyway. It's only a half. Right? The only expectation I had was to finish and I would have walked if necessary. Things went pretty well and I managed a 2:07. Not bad considering I've been a total slacker for the last 6 months.

A pretty good weekend. Hello spring!