Jan 26, 2009

IMC training week 5

Bike - Trainer 0 mi 5:20:00
Run 18.91 mi 2:42:03
Swim 3200 yd 1:19:12
Total 9 hours 21 minutes

Missed one (long) swim, hit everything else and feeling good. This week is a bit shorter so I should get that long swim in finally.

Jan 18, 2009

IMC training week 4

Bike - Road 6.6 mi 0:30:00
Bike - Trainer 0 mi 3:55:00
Run 17.81 mi 2:31:30
Swim 3650 yd 1:26:33
Total Time 8 hrs 23min

Not a bad week! I missed a long swim on purpose due to fatigue, but I hit everything else. I'm feeling great (tired, but great) and learned a lot this week. First - drinking 3 beers the night before a 10k after not drinking a lot of beer in the last month = bad times. I ran Nookachamps as a training run and got to work through some GI discomfort along the way. Second - morning is a better time to workout for me than evening, and allows quite a bit of time to recover/rest than working out at night and again in the a.m. I should know this, but this week proved it to me.

Next week is a big week - 10.5 hours. I need to work on getting more sleep...

Jan 12, 2009

IMC training week 3

Bike - Trainer 0 mi 3:00:00
Run 12.17 mi 1:46:59
Swim 4400 yd 1:49:52

Bah - missed a ride and had to cut a swim short, otherwise not too bad. Training in heart rate zones is killing my run times, as I have to go insanely slow to keep in range. I know this is only temporary, but it's annoying.

Week 4 starts today! More to come...

Jan 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

The off-season is over. It's a new year. No more conditioning plans, no more "extra" days off. My IMC plan is now in week 2, and so far things are going well. Due to the holidays and the snow we had in Seattle, I had to do a bit of cross-training in the snow which was fun (xc ski & snowshoe).

I'll try to post more often (part of a resolution) in the coming weeks and months. Have great New Year!